What is Cybersecurity?  

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You’ve heard the term but perhaps you’ve wondered, what does cybersecurity really mean? What does it mean for individuals and what does it mean for organizations?  

Cybersecurity is a growing concern in the United States and abroad as cyberattacks are increasingly stealing data and costing millions in economic costs. The good news? As cybersecurity professionals, we can support your organization and provide helpful tips to protect your data. Let’s dig in. 

First, let’s define cybersecurity. What is cybersecurity?  

Cybersecurity focuses on protecting electronic information on networks, devices, and websites from hackers. Through sophisticated processes and advanced technology, cybersecurity professionals, like Clarity Technology Group, help to keep data safe and accessible.  

Who does cybersecurity affect?  

In short, cybersecurity affects everyone. From individuals to large organizations, everyone experiences some level of risk when it comes to hackers and cyberattacks. Specifically, businesses are targeted due to the potential for money for cyber actors. That’s why managed IT services companies like Clarity Technology Group work on behalf of businesses that need protections from unauthorized data access, both inside and outside of their organization. A proactive and strong cybersecurity plan reduces the chances of a business experiencing a cyberattack that will both affect operations, and cost them money. 

Big picture: why does cybersecurity matter? 

On a smaller scale, cybersecurity matters for individuals and organizations because it can lead to a halt in productivity and operations, or cost money in lost revenue and ransom payments. 

On a larger scale, cybersecurity can have political and health ramifications as well. For example, during elections, platforms like voter registration databases and technologies used to count votes are considered high priority by the US Department of Homeland Security. In addition, attacks on critical infrastructure such as utility companies can have far-reaching implications for individuals across the country. In short, cybersecurity matters, both on an individual scale and as a country. 

Individuals and businesses should take proactive steps to prioritize cybersecurity including using strong and secure passwords, always using multi-factor authentication, understanding phishing and how to avoid it, discontinuing use of shared passwords, and taking our 8 steps to enhance your cybersecurity as ransomware threats rise.  

Clarity Technology Group supports businesses of varying sizes and industries in the Greater Madison, WI Area. If we can support your business as you move to prioritize cybersecurity, please reach out. Get in touch with us here