Our Team

We’re committed to delivering valuable and individually tailored IT services for our clients by using our vast experience and knowledge.

Meet the winning team behind Clarity Technology, and find out why we love what we do.

Bill Thousand


Bill has over 30 years of experience in software development, hardware, and network support. He is our primary systems architect, overseeing all areas of the day-to-day operations here at Clarity. He understands the incredible impact of technology on small businesses, and seeks to provide small-business owners with solutions that deliver the highest overall value to their companies. 

Favorite Part of the Job

“I love the people, both staff and customers. We get to work with folks in a lot of different industries, which keeps things interesting and provides constant opportunities for growth.”
img Endicott Jennifer

Jennifer Endicott


Jennifer has extensive experience working with clients in a variety of industries to find the best web-based solutions for their business or organization. She has been with Clarity for over 20 years and manages our application development team and services. Jen also works in database administration, consulting, client development, and oversees the daily operations of HR and accounting.

Favorite Part of the Job

“Working with the Clarity team and being a part of our clients’ team. I love digging in and asking a lot of questions to truly understand not only their technology needs but learning as much as I can about each client’s business. I enjoy problem solving and meeting people so finding ways to make someone else’s work more efficient and enjoyable is incredibly rewarding.”

Andrew Carlson


Andrew has been with Clarity for over 10 years and is responsible for day-to-day operational support. In short, he solves problems. Whether troubleshooting for our clients, or our staff, critical thinking is his area of expertise!

Favorite Part of the Job

“Working with different organizations to reach their IT goals. Having a variety of tasks and problems to solve helps keep me constantly learning new things. Working with technology has always been interesting to me. I like to know how things work.”



Brooke assists our existing, new, and potential clients in a variety of capacities. She is responsible for holding check-in meetings and calls with clients, creating and presenting proposals, and working with new clients to complete the onboarding process, as well as many other tasks that arise to ensure our clients’ needs are met.

Favorite Part of the Job

“Each day is different. I enjoy having the opportunity to engage with a variety of clients in various industries and my awesome co-workers.”



Jayson is responsible for all aspects of the procurement and invoicing process. He maintains renewal records and inventory, quotes new product purchases, invoices for monthly agreements and sales, and handles a wide range of accounting functions.

Favorite Part of the Job

“I am a helper by nature, and this industry gives me the ability to be involved in helping clients be successful in their business. I enjoy the challenge of searching the vast field of options available and matching those to the needs of the client. I learn something new every day.”



Annah manages our service team by coaching and mentoring an outstanding group of technicians and engineers, as well as managing our client’s technical projects, service onboarding, and a variety of internal projects that help the service team provide their best support to our clients.

Favorite Part of the Job

“Building client relationships and logistical problem-solving to make sure we are addressing client needs promptly and efficiently.”



LeRoy is part of our technician team, and his role at Clarity stretches from project design and implementation, troubleshooting, and help desk and escalation support.

Favorite Part of the Job

“Every day is different. There is a mix of challenging work to be completed. It is just a natural fit for my lifestyle and skill set.”



Jason is part of our technician team and assists our clients with computer and phone-related projects and issues. He also helps users with troubleshooting, deploying equipment, and coordinating with our clients’ other technology vendors.

Favorite Part of the Job

“This team is a great group of people to work with. Every person is very helpful and will do anything they can to resolve any issues that come up!”



Alex is part of our technician team. He helps clients troubleshoot and resolve any issues that arise day by day. He also answers any questions or concerns that clients may have, to ensure that their technology works the way they need it to.

Favorite Part of the Job

“Working with technology and learning new things because in IT, new concepts are always evolving. I chose IT because it allows me the opportunity to work with people and technology.



Kevin is part of our technician team and is always ready to help our clients no matter how big or small their problem may be.

Favorite Part of the Job

“I love my job because what I do matters. I like making people’s jobs easier, and at Clarity, I get that opportunity several times a day. Some days can be more challenging than others, but I always remind myself, there are no bad days at Clarity, only busy ones!”



Tony is part of our technician team and assists our clients with resolving issues both big and small. He also follows up with clients to make sure solutions are working as expected, and answers any questions they may have about their technology.

Favorite Part of the Job

“Being able to help people each day alongside an amazing team.”



Kireina is part of our technician team. She chose to join the IT field because she loves learning new things and working closely with our clients.

Favorite Part of the Job

“Helping customers solve problems so they can get back to what they do best.”



Brandon is part of our technician team. He enjoys being able to problem solve while getting to know our clients and interacting with the community on a personal level.

Favorite Part of the Job

“The most exciting part of my day is working with the clients and helping solve the days new problems.”

img Stefany Beth



Beth is part of our technician team. She enjoys having the opportunity to assist our clients in resolving all types of issues that may arise day-to-day whether they be small, pestering problems or larger scale interruptions to work flow.

Favorite Part of the Job

“My favorite part of working here is the opportunity to dive deep into new technology every day. The tech world is vast and ever growing at incredible speeds and I love that I get to be a part of that while making our client’s lives a little easier.”



As part of our dispatch team, Ryan works to make sure all of our customers’ requests are viewed by technicians in a timely manner while fitting within everyone’s schedules. 

Favorite Part of the Job

“It’s the people that I work with. I enjoy talking with everyone in our office, whether it’s about a specific ticket or what their favorite restaurant is. It’s a great atmosphere and it feels like I’m part of a team.” 



Chris develops and manages websites and cloud applications for our clients, resolves technical issues that arise, and answers any questions our clients may have to ensure their web content is functioning as expected.

Favorite Part of the Job

“Solving problems…I enjoy the challenge.”
img placeholder



Max is on our Business Development team and focuses on making connections that generate new business opportunities. 

Favorite Part of the Job

“Working alongside an amazing, intelligent team and having the opportunity to meet new people every day.” 



Susie is always there to take your call and connect you with the member of our team best suited to address your specific needs. She schedules tickets, follow-ups, on-site visits, additional support, and ensures our clients receive prompt assistance.

Favorite Part of the Job

“Problem-solving and communicating with a wide variety of people daily, which are two of my favorite things to do!”