5 Signs It’s Time to Consider Outsourcing Your IT

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If your business is on a growth trajectory, you are likely making frequent adjustments to both employee and third party support. As you consider your current IT support infrastructure, there are key signs it may be time to outsource your IT if you haven’t already.

It may sound scary (and expensive), but the truth is that choosing to outsource your IT at the right time will likely save you money in the long run. Continuing to work with an in-house IT person when your business has expanded beyond one person’s bandwidth can open you up to unnecessary network vulnerability.

Consider these signs and ask yourself these key questions to know if it’s time to outsource your IT support to a managed IT service provider.

5 Signs It’s Time to Consider Outsourcing Your IT

  1. Employees are performing multiple roles. If your IT guy is also performing other roles (non-IT related) in your company, red flag! This is a recipe for important things slipping through the cracks and a sign that he or she has too much on their plate to be effectively managing your IT.
  2. Your IT guy can’t keep up. Is your single IT person seemingly always behind and overworked? While this is a problem for multiple reasons (i.e. employee satisfaction and retention rates), it’s also an issue for the quality of your IT support. An overworked IT person will miss vulnerabilities and signs that a larger team would notice and address immediately.
  3. Expertise is lacking. Are you more commonly running into issues that your single IT person can’t solve? Is his or her expertise lacking in different areas? With a team of qualified IT experts behind your business, you ensure a timely solution to all IT issues.
  4. You have more than 10 computers. There is a certain threshold where your number of computers, and the required safety updates, becomes too much for one IT person to handle.
  5. You’re not sure if you’re following regulatory compliance for your industry. One IT person may struggle to stay up to date on industry-specific regulations that apply to IT. A managed IT services team will have a group of experts trained on the latest regulations so that your business is always operating above board.

We understand that IT is a big investment. Ransomware and phishing attacks are also costly. Plus, with properly managed IT services from a team of qualified professionals, you can avoid unnecessary vulnerabilities within your network that lead to most attacks.

If you are beginning to question whether your business is ready for a team of IT experts supporting you, let’s chat. For over 20 years, we’ve provided innovative managed IT services and cybersecurity solutions to businesses just like yours. If you’re interested in an assessment of your current IT, or to receive a quote for services, get in touch with the Clarity Technology Group team here.