Unlocking Luck: 3 Tech Tips from Clarity Technicians 

Clarity Technology Group is committed to empowering our clients and prospects with valuable insights. This blog presents three essential strategies for enhancing data security:  

  1. Application Permissions

    Being mindful of the permissions requested by mobile apps during installation is vital for protecting your privacy. Review each permission carefully and disable any access that seems unnecessary or intrusive. This simple practice helps prevent apps from accessing sensitive data or features they don’t genuinely need, enhancing your control over your personal information.
  1. Equipment

    Maintain separate equipment for work and personal use. Keeping work related tasks and data isolated on separate devices reduces the risk of accidental data breaches or malware infections. It also allows for better management of access controls and encryption protocols, particularly if your work involves handling sensitive or confidential information.   Working Remotely? Review our past blog about Personal Vs. Corporate Devices for Remote Work.
  1. Website URLs 

    When encountering a website that appears unfamiliar, it’s crucial to verify its authenticity by inspecting the URL in the address bar. Ensure that the left portion of the URL matches what you would expect for reputable sites, such as “google.com” or “amazon.com”. Malicious sites might use slightly altered versions, such as “g00gle.com” or “amaz0n.com”, to deceive users. Any deviation from these trusted domains could indicate that you’re on a copycat or malicious website, potentially exposing you to scams, phishing attempts, or malware.  


If you’re looking for more tips to strengthen your software’s security, why not snag a free assessment with Clarity? It’s an easy way to get some expert advice and make sure your digital world stays safe and sound!