What to Expect with Ransomware in 2022

While we do wish you a happy new year, the news regarding ransomware in 2022 is far more grim unfortunately. We have seen an era of ransomware attacks in 2021 like never before and all signs are pointing to it worsening in 2022. Let’s break down what experts are predicting and what your business can expect in the cybersecurity landscape heading into the new year. 

2021 saw what experts called a ‘golden era’ of ransomware–cyber actors experienced impressive evolution in attack sophistication, with the number of attacks also at an all-time high. Many factors played into this, with experts predicting that cybercriminals are still headed towards more ‘success’ in the future. 

Predictions for Ransomware in 2022:  

  • For cyber actors, the perfect ransomware victim will hold a $100 million price tag. 
  • Preferred entry methods for cyber actors will be Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP), Virtual Private Network (VPN) services and domain admin rights (source).  
  • Continued evolution of ransomware operators: expect highly sophisticated operations with organized teams aiming to target all businesses and industries, of all sizes.  
  • Continued double-extortion attacks. Example: Initially, systems are encrypted with payment demands, and then the ransomware group will steal corporate data until the payment is made. 
  • With a 150% rise in ransomware attacks from April 2020 to July 2021, experts are predicting a greater increase in the new year (source: European Union Agency for Cybersecurity). 
  • An increase in the ‘pay to stay away’ model: businesses choosing to pay ransomware groups not to attack them. This phenomenon has just barely evolved, but experts expect we may see an increase in this practice in the new year (source: ThycoticCentrify). 

What Your Business Should Expect with Ransomware in 2022:  

  • An increased number of ransomware attacks. 
  • Increased attack risk–for all businesses, of all sizes, in all industries. No one will be exempt from attack risk. 
  • Even higher money demands from attackers.  
  • A vital need for cybersecurity insurance. 

If your business wants to take a proactive approach to cybersecurity in the new year, Clarity Technology Group can support you. We help our clients create security defenses against threats like ransomware attacks, so you can continue business as usual in 2022. If you are interested in talking with our team, get in touch with us here