Secure Your Finances: 5 Smart Cybersecurity Tricks for Tax Season 


It’s tax time again! During tax season, cybercriminals target businesses. Stay informed and safeguard your business from data breaches while preparing taxes. Check out this helpful guide for tackling your 2024 business taxes: 

  1. Use a PIN: The IRS provides an identity protection PIN to verified taxpayers. It stops fraudsters from using your SSN to file a return and is only accessible by you and the IRS. 
  1. Use secure filing websites: Stick to tax-filing portals with URLs starting with “https:” as this signifies encryption for data transmission, ensuring a secure exchange between you and the site. 
  1. File early: The IRS accepts only one return per SSN. Getting an identity protection PIN and filing your return early can reduce the chance of someone using your SSN fraudulently later.  
  1. Create strong passwords: Ensure you opt for a top-notch, intricate password exclusively for portals accessing your sensitive tax details. Leverage password managers and generators to maintain optimal password security
  1. Take advantage of multi factor authentication (MFA): When e-filing taxes, opt solely for tax service providers that demand both a username-password combo and an additional factor, such as a one-time security code, for accessing your account. This approach guarantees a dual-tiered security system. 

Tax time can be daunting, but these tips can guide you through with additional cybersecurity protections. Consult a tax professional for the best filing plan. Clarity Technology Group aids various industries in Greater Madison, Wisconsin, with cybersecurity support. Schedule a free assessment to learn more about our services.