Cybersecurity Best Practices for Password Security 

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This month we’re focusing on passwords. Why? Because 80% of all data breaches result from weak or stolen passwords. 

Passwords matter. They matter for your personal security of finances and identity and most importantly, for the security of the organization you own or work for. 

Not only are weak passwords the launching pad for many data breaches and ransomware attacks, but they are also one of the easiest ways to secure your organization–with the right strategy!  

Let’s take a look at our recommended cybersecurity best practices for password security.  

Why Choosing a Secure Password is Important 

When it comes to keeping your information safe–either personally or for your organization–secure passwords really matter. Strong passwords protect your electronic accounts and devices from unauthorized access, keeping sensitive personal and company information safe. 

The more complex the password is, the more protected your information will be from cyber threats and hackers.  

How can you ensure your passwords don’t jeopardize the security of your organization? Below we’ll review cybersecurity best practices for password security and how to create a secure password that safeguards sensitive information. 

6 Best Practices for Password Security 

  1. Multi-factor authentication will minimize the impact of stolen credentials
  1. Create strong and unique passwords that are not recognizable by a dictionary. Passwords should be at least twelve characters long and include upper and lower case letters, symbols, and digits. 
  1. Change the default password on any new devices you buy or acquire from your organization. 
  1. Never use easy-to-guess information for passwords like birthdays, pet names, or phone numbers.  
  1. Never reuse passwords between accounts, and never share passwords between employees
  1. Use a password generator. Websites like 1Password offer a password generator function to generate free, secure passwords for different accounts. Then, use their password management function to store the generated passwords safely! 

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