Cloud Security Matters: Here’s Why

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Before the pandemic, managing cybersecurity was already a focus for responsible organizations. Since the pandemic, however, we have seen a major shift to more expansive use of the cloud. With this, comes an enhanced need for cloud security. Many organizations, even the responsible ones, are not giving cloud security the focus it needs.

There’s no arguing cloud computing is convenient, but with the added convenience, comes a list of potential security issues. Allowing cloud users within your organization to use simple passwords, failing to use multi-factor authentication or not applying available patches and updates, can leave your organization vulnerable to cyber attacks. As with any other application, cloud users should be required to use strong passwords, initiate multi-factor authentication, and IT teams should regularly apply available software updates and patches. The same general “IT hygiene” you would apply to any software your organization uses, should also be applied to cloud applications.

Why should you secure the cloud?

Use of the cloud is now a business essential regardless of your industry or business size. The problem comes when many organizations feel they can hand over responsibility on security and data protection to their cloud provider. This is a grave mistake.

Plus, with an increase in use of the cloud, cybercriminals are specifically targeting these services.

How should you secure the cloud?

The National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) released updated guidance for all business sizes and scopes which includes cybersecurity guidelines for current and prospective cloud-computing users.

The guidance focuses on the importance of necessary due diligence when handling sensitive data in order to lower the risk of possible attacks or loss of data.

As many organizations have permanently shifted a percentage of their workforce remote, with no timeline for return to the office, cloud security will remain a focus of cybersecurity for years to come. As an organization, be sure you are applying time and resources to addressing the added vulnerabilities a remote workforce and cloud applications provide to your business. A qualified IT team will address the specific vulnerabilities of your organization and craft a specific plan to protect your company from avoidable cyber attacks. Get in touch with our team at Clarity Technology Group to learn how we can support your preventative cybersecurity.