Unlocking Luck: 3 Tech Tips from Clarity Technicians 

Clarity Technology Group is committed to empowering our clients and prospects with valuable insights. This blog presents three essential strategies for enhancing data security:   Questions?  If you’re looking for more tips to strengthen your software’s security, why not snag a free assessment with Clarity? It’s an easy way to get some expert advice and make […]

3 Keys to Demystify Leap Year 

leap day 2

As February winds down, you might hear about “leap year” more often. Despite seeming puzzling, leap years are crucial for keeping our calendars aligned with Earth’s orbit. Without them, dates could shuffle around, causing holidays and seasons to drift out of sync. Here are three key take-aways to understanding a leap year:   Every Four Years  […]

3 Keys to a Healthy Heart  

3 Keys to a Healthy Heart (1)

February, the month of love, also serves as American Heart Month- a perfect opportunity to revisit those New Year’s resolutions set at the beginning of 2024. While our individual goals may vary, a common aspiration is to prioritize heart health. Here are a few ways we can embrace a heart-conscious lifestyle:   Maintain a Balanced Blood […]

Secure Your Finances: 5 Smart Cybersecurity Tricks for Tax Season 


It’s tax time again! During tax season, cybercriminals target businesses. Stay informed and safeguard your business from data breaches while preparing taxes. Check out this helpful guide for tackling your 2024 business taxes:  Tax time can be daunting, but these tips can guide you through with additional cybersecurity protections. Consult a tax professional for the […]

4 Tips to Level Up in 2024

4 Tips Level Up FT IMG

As the year winds down, the “new year, new me” mindset emerges. Creating lasting, achievable goals remains a challenge for many. Prioritizing personal growth is crucial—it’s about setting aside time for self-reflection, identifying necessary changes, and committing to sustained progress throughout the year. Here are some cool tips to level up your personal growth in […]