5 Best Features of Microsoft 365 

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We’re big fans of Microsoft 365. In fact, we’d argue there’s not much Microsoft 365 can’t do. While there are many well-known features of Microsoft 365, some lesser-known tricks and tips will increase your team’s productivity. Let’s touch on some of the best features within the Microsoft 365 platform and some creative ways you can use Microsoft to maximize efficiency within your organization. 

What is Microsoft 365? 

Microsoft Office 365 is truly an all-around solution. More than just an email app, it offers a whole gamut of tools, and within these tools, users can find many interesting features that can add a lot to their overall productivity. Microsoft 365 is designed to help businesses achieve more with innovative Office apps, intelligent cloud services, and world-class security. 

5 Best Ways to Use Microsoft 365 

  1. Chat with your coworkers on Microsoft Teams if you’re already on Microsoft 365 as an organization, ditch Slack or other messaging platforms, and move solely to Microsoft 365 for greater streamlining. Microsoft Teams capabilities include: document linking, tagging team members, and one of their newest features–the ability to schedule send messages.  
  1. Turning OneNote items into Outlook calendar events. Convert notes to tasks inside your calendar and assign them to colleagues with reminders and deadlines. Send meeting minutes taken in OneNote by email and automatically add details (date, location, attendees,…) for each meeting they’re related to. 
  1. Insert links to stored files instead of sending entire files to co-workers. Forget about email attachments. Sharing a document for co-authoring is easy! Upload your file to Office and Microsoft 365’s cloud storage. Write an email using Outlook (or Outlook Web App). Instead of attaching a file, insert the link to the file on your cloud. Outlook will automatically grant edit permission to the people you are emailing. You can change the permissions anytime you want. 
  1. Real-time co-authoring (Word, Excel, PowerPoint). Collaborate online and see each other’s changes as they happen with real-time co-authoring in Word. Save your file to OneDrive or SharePoint so others can work with you. Thanks to the integrated sidebar, you can share it directly from the application. 
  1. Operate across platforms and devices. With easy access from your tablet or desktop computer, you can always access the entire Microsoft 365 suite–from OneDrive to Teams and more.  

Microsoft 365 for Managed IT Providers 

Like most things, we ‘walk the walk’ when it comes to Microsoft 365. At Clarity Technology Group, we not only recommend it for our clients, but we also use it internally. From a cyber security standpoint, it is advantageous for your business to streamline operations on one comprehensive platform like Microsoft 365. You reduce your vulnerable surface area when it comes to your cybersecurity. If you’re curious about how your organization can start using Microsoft 365 or how you can maximize the platform’s efficiency if you’re already operating on it, our team can help. 

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