8 Cybersecurity Tips for Business Travel

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Gone are the days of all business happening in one location, at one desk. In today’s world, work takes professionals across the globe between airports, airplanes, coffee shops, and boardrooms. While you’re on the go, it’s essential to think about how you are keeping both your personal and corporate data safe.  

When it comes to travel, the best way to keep your devices safe is to be unplugged. But for business travel, this is rarely an option. This blog will share cybersecurity tips for keeping your computer and other mobile devices safe while traveling for business. 

Top Cybersecurity Tips for Business Travel 

  1. Back up before you go. The consequences of losing your device or having it stolen are worse when you are outside of your own environment. Ensure you have recent backups of your most sensitive data, and don’t keep those backups on the devices you travel with.  
  1. Turn on Find My Device. Android and iOS devices have options to track your device. Make sure to turn this on before you go, and if you lose your device, you can remotely wipe it or even leave a message on the screen for whoever finds it. 
  1. Protect your devices with anti-malware. For mobile devices, read more tips on how to secure your mobile device
  1. Secure all devices with a complex password. What makes a complex password? We’re glad you asked. Give this a read.  
  1. Never leave devices unattended or unsecured. The most common cyber threat for travelers is theft or loss of the device itself. Devices should always be packed in carry-on luggage, not checked luggage.  
  1. Use a password manager. More tips on what and why password managers are so important here 
  1. Avoid public Wi-Fi and public charging ports. See our recent blog on the FBI’s official warning on this topic here.  
  1. Download apps before you leave. Before leaving on your trip, download any needed apps with your IT team’s approval. The risk of downloading malicious apps is high, especially when you’re on the road without an IT team to screen them. Once hackers control your device, any data on your device (personal or work-related) may be compromised.  

Avoid Cyberattacks While Traveling  

It’s not unusual for modern organizations to operate on a hybrid work model or to have several physical locations in different cities. Today’s workforce is highly accustomed to business travel but not always in tune with the cybersecurity ramifications. 

The idea of the network perimeter has expanded since 2020, thanks to the pandemic, pushing organizations to reestablish the boundaries of remote work. 

Whether you are an employer sending your workforce out into the world for business travel or an employee being asked to travel, educate yourself on how to keep your data and your organization’s data safe. 

If you have questions about establishing a cybersecurity travel plan for your organization, Clarity Technology Group can help. Schedule a free assessment with a member of our team today.