5 Reasons to Buy a Business-Grade Computer for Your Business

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One of our primary goals at Clarity Technology Group is to guide our clients in making the best business decisions regarding IT and cybersecurity.  

A large part of this is determining the best devices to support your business operations and your organization’s security. 

Where you buy your devices, what type of device, licenses, and warranties you choose to purchase–all of these things matter. In this blog, we’ll discuss business versus non-business-grade devices and why we always recommend business-grade devices for our clients. 

5 Reasons to Buy a Business-Grade Computer 

Below we’ll discuss the key reasons business-grade computers are the best option for your business. 

  1. Warranty: A consumer PC often comes with a 90-day or 1-year warranty. At the same time, a professional-grade PC starts with a 1-year warranty and often comes with a three-year warranty. A business-grade PC typically comes with an onsite repair and a certified repair technician. Conversely, consumers’ PCs often require you to ship your PC to a repair depot.  
  1. Quality components: You’ve probably heard the term “you get what you pay for”–this could not be truer than for business-grade versus consumer-grade computers. You pay more for business-grade computers because you are paying for higher-quality components. A higher-grade computer means greater bandwidth, longevity, and reliability. 
  1. Professional operating system: With a business-grade PC, you get a professional-level operating system. This means an elevated experience from consumer-grade PCs, which typically do not integrate with servers, cannot see network resources (i.e., printers), and lack needed PC security features. Note that needing to upgrade from Windows Home to Pro is an added expense. 
  1. Ability to upgrade: At the time of purchase, your business may not fully know the scope of which you utilize the computer. A business-grade computer can upgrade features to meet future business needs. 
  1. Longevity: Business-grade computers are built with parts stocked much longer and can be maintained longer. While the initial price tag is higher, business-grade computers can keep your machine longer and operate reliably during that time.  

Benefits of Business-Grade Computers 

Business computers may not be needed for every type of business, but in general, they are our recommended option for any business looking to prioritize reliability and security.  

Longevity, future capabilities, quality, and warranties balance upfront costs. Over time, the cost of owning a business-grade computer will prove less than the maintenance and security costs of owning a consumer-grade device.  

As a managed IT service provider in the Greater Madison Area, Clarity Technology Group supports small to medium-sized businesses across various industries. Before your company invests in new devices, speak to an IT expert. 

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