What Are the Most Common Cybersecurity Mistakes? 

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Most attacks on organizations can be traced back to a short list of the most common cybersecurity mistakes. A recent report found that over 80% of ransomware attacks could be tracked to three primary sources.

Most Common Cybersecurity Mistakes

  1. Misconfigured cloud services–cloud applications set up incorrectly can easily allow unauthorized hackers to gain access to the organization’s network.
  2. Untested security tools
  3. Enablement of macros–which includes the organization’s failure to apply Microsoft’s attack surface reduction rules. Failure to do this essentially allows attackers to run malicious code using macros and scripts. 

What does this mean for your organization? 

If the explanation of those three mistakes went over your head, you’re not alone! That’s what we’re here for. These mistakes mean a few critical things for your organization. 

  1. All three errors stem from common configuration errors in software and devices. The good news? They are easily avoidable with the right IT support team on your side. Ransomware is avoidable in most cases, meaning an investment in cybersecurity will go a long way to protect your organization.
  2. Failing to set up your IT properly not only lowers productivity but also makes your organization a target for ransomware attacks. More than just easy access, attackers look specifically for these three most common cybersecurity mistakes as easy entry points when they survey victims. 
  3. Multi-factor authentication is still the answer to a lot of problems. Even if you manage to avoid these common cybersecurity mistakes, the security of your personnel, networks, and cloud services will be enhanced with multi-factor authentication on all accounts for all employees.

Working with a qualified managed IT services team will enhance your organization’s security and prevent easily avoidable mistakes that will cost you more money down the road. Our experienced team of IT experts supports various small to medium-sized businesses in the Greater Madison, WI area. No matter your industry, we can help your business. Contact our team here