5 Signs It’s Time to Consider Outsourcing Your IT

If your business is on a growth trajectory, you are likely making frequent adjustments to both employee and third party support. As you consider your current IT support infrastructure, there are key signs it may be time to outsource your IT if you haven’t already. It may sound scary (and expensive), but the truth is […]

A New Malware Uses Email PDFs to Target Victims

There is a new type of malware on the scene. Researchers recently discovered that cyber attacks used the Snake keylogger malware for Windows to email malicious PDFs with embedded Word documents. The goal is to infect their victims’ PCs and steal information and sensitive data. The malware campaign uses file-naming trickery to get victims to […]

Cloud Security Matters: Here’s Why

Before the pandemic, managing cybersecurity was already a focus for responsible organizations. Since the pandemic, however, we have seen a major shift to more expansive use of the cloud. With this, comes an enhanced need for cloud security. Many organizations, even the responsible ones, are not giving cloud security the focus it needs. There’s no […]

How to Make Your Passwords More Secure

If you’re not already taking password security seriously, now is the time. The days of using 12345 or your favorite color as a password are long gone (well, they never should’ve been a thing in our humble opinion). Password hygiene is a growing term, and we recommend acquainting yourself with it. What makes for a […]

6 Surprising Phishing Facts

Phishing. It’s alive and well, and if you’re in the world of technology, it’s often the bane of our existence. While ransomware often takes the spotlight, let us not forget about the danger and frequency of phishing attacks within organizations. Phishing is not something you want to ignore if you value the IT security of […]

What is Phishing? (And How to Avoid It)

Let’s start with the basics. What is phishing? Phishing is a type of social engineering where a cybercriminal sends a fraudulent message designed to trick a person into revealing sensitive information to the attacker or deploy malicious software on the victim’s device or within their organization. Typically, phishing comes in the form of a fake […]

3rd Party Vendors Can Cause Major Cybersecurity Risks

Our message of the week: choose your vendors wisely.  While there are definite benefits to outsourcing certain parts of your operations, if vendors lack strong security controls, your organization can be exposed to risk. Risk can include: operational risk, regulatory risk, financial risk and reputational risk. Third-party information security risk management (also referred to as […]

8 Steps to Take as Ransomware Threat Levels Rise 

As threat levels continue to rise and the cybersecurity landscape is becoming supercharged with growing and ever-evolving threats, there are steps your organization can and should be taking to protect itself.  We are seeing different types of ransomware pop up each month, with growing numbers of cyber actors in the competitive landscape. We are not […]

Ransomware Gangs are Getting Creative: 3 New Tactics to Watch Out For

A growing number of ransomware attacks also means a growing number of cyber actors in the cyber landscape. Thus, competition is growing. In light of this, we continue to see a steady stream of new, creative tactics from different ransomware gangs.  One of the best ways to protect your organization is through education and prevention. […]